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Recent Projects and Photos by Mountain Top Property Maintenance

Big Steeple Cleaning in Rainsville, Alabama

We were contacted by a church in Rainsville to clean their steeple. The cross on the steeple was completely covered in organic materia (an algae called Gloeocapsa magma) making the white cross appear black. We used a rented lift to get close enough to use our […]

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House, Driveway,  Roof, and window cleaning in Fort Payne Alabama

Client called Mountain Top Property Maintenance and stated they had just moved from Huntsville to Fort Payne and their home was in need of some serious cleaning. She was concerned about the roof thinking she would have to replace it soon, because it was covered in […]

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Modular Home Softwash in Rosalie Alabama

A client from the Rosalie area called and asked if we could help him with the cleaning of their modular home. The client spends most of his time working as an over the road truck driver. When he's at home he wants to relax and […]

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Big Widow Cleaning in Section, Alabama

We were contacted by a client in Section, Alabama for a challenging window cleaning job. The client had floor to ceiling windows (2 story) in their living room over looking the bluff. They had no way of cleaning the windows themselves without dangerously balancing on the […]

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Professional Window Cleaning in Scottsboro Alabama

A gentleman in Scottsboro Alabama contacted Mountain Top Property Maintenance about our professional window cleaning service. He told us that his health has declined and was now in a wheelchair. He asked if we could clean all the windows that we could […]

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Camper Softwash in Henagar Alabama

An older gentleman in the Henagar community called Mountain Top Property Maintenance and requested a cleaning service on his 5th wheel camper. He said he wasn't able to climb a ladder anymore and needed help getting it cleaned. We informed him that we would softwash […]

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Dirty Roof Softwash in Scottsboro, AL

A new home owner called pressure washing professionals at Mountain Top Property Maintenance and inquired about our roof cleaning process. I explained that we never use high pressure to clean any type of roof. When asked about the black streaks on their roof I explained it […]

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