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Recent Tips and Articles by Mountain Top Property Maintenance

Removing, Mold, Mildew And The 'Silent Killer' | Scottsboro Pressure Washing

Mold is a pain. It's unsightly. It stains so many household items. And if you're allergic to it, that's a whole other story. Pressure washing a moldy fence, roof, or driveway is just half the battle. A good blast a couple of times a year will remove […]

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Get Between The Cracks In The Pavement

New pavement is attractive and creates a sense of peace and pride. The surface looks perfect, and you know the footing is safe and secure. And it's up to you, the homeowner or business owner, to ensure that surface you paid for last a good long time […]

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After The Storm, Assess The Damage & Pressure Wash To Restore Your Property

Southeastern storms certainly pack a powerful punch, especially when the wind and debris pelt the outside of the house, and driving rain and even hail do their number. Still worse are thunderstorms, windstorms, or any major weather events that leave their mark by causing actual damage to […]

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