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Professional Window Cleaning in Scottsboro Alabama

Professional Window Cleaning in Scottsboro Alabama

A gentleman in Scottsboro Alabama contacted Mountain Top Property Maintenance about our professional window cleaning service. He told us that his health has declined and was now in a wheelchair. He asked if we could clean all the windows that we could reach from the ground and I told him not only can we clean the windows on the first floor but we can clean every single window in his home. I explained to him that we use a telescoping water fed pole that can reach 45 feet high to clean windows with. This is a professional commercial window cleaning system. It filters all the minerals and contaminants out of the water to leave a clean streak free finish. He was very pleased with the results. It's hard to show in pictures just what a difference

a professional window cleaning service can make, but in person they shine like new money!

Budget: 375.00

Location: Scottsboro, AL

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Products Used

Gardiner SLX Carbonfiber Waterpole in conjunction with Unger HydroPower Ultra 3 - Stage DI Pure Water System

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